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  • MARKET PREMIERE of 'Mariah Mundi & The Midas Box' at Cannes - Le Marché Du Film

    'Mariah Mundi & The Midas Box' will be presented in this year's Marché du Film - in the Cannes Film Festival, which takes  place from 15th to 24th May 2013.

    The film, starring Michael Sheen ('Twilight', 'Tron: Legacy'), Lena Headey ('300',' Game of Thrones'), Sam Neill ('Jurassic Park', 'Little Fish'), Ioan Gruffudd ('The Fantastic Four', 'King Arthur') and Aneurin Barnard ('Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes', 'Trap for Cinderella'), follows the adventures of Mariah Mundi whose world is torn apart when his parents suddenly disappear. Forced to fend for himself and his younger brother, Felix, Mariah sets off to discover the truth behind his parents' disappearance. In order to save his family Mariah must unravel the secrets of a mysterious hotel and a box that can turn anything into gold. An action-packed feature, filled with adventure and suspense for the entire family

    For further information about the screenings in Cannes - Marche du Films, please contact to: www.dreamcatchers.eu