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  • Totenwackers

  • Totenwackers


    The López family has arrived at 17 Santa Ana Street. Little Sara, her older sister and their parents are astonished by a series of strange events that foretell a complicated life in this new place. Sara will be the first one who notices that a neighbour’s ghost, who wanders throughout the building as he pleases, causes all the mess and she starts to investigate. In her adventure, Sara will be accompanied by her friend Madhi, a neighbour and schoolmate, and by John, an English boy, with a surprising ghost-hunting gadgets and an invaluable knowledge of the paranormal and the hereafter. Together, they will try to evict their uncomfortable visitors and discover what and who is hiding behind this circus.

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  • Totenwackers


    Sara Elisa Drabben
    John  Jasper Harris
    Madhi  Azzdine Benaji
    Salgado  Geraldine Chaplin
    Raquel  Natalia Sánchez
    Cojo  Celso Bugallo
    Sabrina  Terele Pávez
    María  Mar Regueras
    Jenaro   Josep Julien
    Isra Iván Morales
    Psicopedagoga  Mari Pau Pigem
  • Totenwackers


    Director   Ibon Cormenzana
    Writers  David Muñoz & Antonio Trashorras
    Producers  José Luis Marco, Carola Ash, M.A. Faura
    Cinrmatographer  Joan Benet
    Art Director Maite Sánchez
    Production Designer Javier Alvariño
    Costume Designer Anna Pons
    Makeup Artists Caitlin Acheson, Carmela Perez, David Martí
    Hair Stylist Miriam Pintado
    Sound   Clive Derbyshire, Fabiola Ordoyo, Ricard Casals
    Music  Eugenio Mira
    Line Producer M.A. Faura
    Casting  Américo Piñeiro
    Edition  Jose Luis Romeu
  • Totenwackers

    Technical data

    Year· 2007
    Genre · Adventure
    Nationality · Spain - United Kingdom
    Format · Color / 35 mm / Panoramic 1:1.85
    Runtime · 89’
    Language · English, Spanish
    Sound · Dolby-SRD, Dolby-SR
    Production Companies · Arcadia Motion Pictures, Future Films, Filmanova Invest
    With the collaboration of · Televisió de Catalunya, ICAA, ICEC
    Distribution · Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Spain
    International sales · Filmax
    Spanish release · October 31, 2007